Trapped in a love affair with the moon

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Picture taking, poem writing, chronically laughing, wistfully dreaming.

I'm a young heart & an old soul with a thing for words, flowers and people with smiling eyes.

I'm rather impossible to figure out, but please don't give up on me.

"1. You will trip over my messy and I’ll apologize for my chaos when you try to find my smile
2. I’ll remember the color of your shoes, you’ll remember my eyes
3. Your nerves will get trapped in the phone line when you call me back
4. Our hands will shake when our legs brush against each others on the first date
5. You’ll walk me to my front door with our kindergarten smiles
6. I’ll write that night
7. You’ll take interest in my poetry
8. I’ll fit into your arms under the stars, in the company of the moon and my skin will goose bump at the touch of your lips
9. My heartbeat will somersault
10. We’ll sing badly and loud in the car- your laugh will become my favorite song
11. My mom will love your kindness and my dad will come around
12. I’ll help you kick your bad habits
13. You’ll become mine
14. I’ll exist solely for your awful taste in jokes
15. You’ll know my brothers favorite color and the street I grew up on, I’ll be your moms favorite number to dial
16. My sadness won’t make you heavy
17. We’ll fall asleep to the sound of each others certainty
18. I’ll wake up to find you yelling at the moon
19. Your stubborn will become less like a sun shower and more like a foot in the door
20. My poems will start to be noise
21. You’ll begin tripping over my clumsy instead of dancing with my two left feet
22. Your lips will no longer touch mine like metal in an electrical socket, rather like putting on shoes in the morning, brushing your teeth before bed
23. I will become routine
24. You’ll organize your words so they sound like a logical excuse instead of goodbye
25. One by one, you’ll move your things out of my ribcage
26. I will sugarcoat my agony because that’s just how I was raised
27. I’ll be too broken to shatter, so I’ll sit in piles of half written poems, trying to stitch my heartbeat back together
28. I’ll think of you as often as I blink
29. I’ve always blinked a lot
30. You’ll call to catch up. I won’t speak a word. Just listen to the graceful inelegance of your regret.
31. I’m too full to make any room for your mistakes
32. Most times, my heart still waits for yours to come turn off the lamp on the nightstand.
33. I’m learning to sleep with the light on"
  the 33 steps in which you will break my heart

And to you as well! I hope you had a jolly good Easter xx